marketing is what we do

Your business is your passion. Marketing is the bridge that connects your passion with the world. For 50 years, Illustrated Designs, Inc., has been building bridges for businesses, one display, themed event, and catalog at a time.

Creating. Designing. Implementing Customized Solutions.

Whether it’s a 3-D display, catalog, multi-page brochure, event décor for a tradeshow, or any other creative need, Illustrated Designs, Inc. will develop a marketing solution that matches your vision and connects you with new customers.

We mix classic design elements with innovative ideas in a one-stop shop that makes marketing easy and effective. You give us the concept, and we’ll do the rest.

Marketing. It’s what we do, so you can do what you do.

our services

What can we help you create today?

Catalog Design

The right design and descriptions will engage customers, driving direct, online, and in-store sales.

3-D Displays

When you want your message to stand out from the crowd, create an impact with custom 3-D displays.

Event Decor

Take your event to the next level with décor that creates a complete and compelling experience for your customers.

Additional Services

Logos, collateral marketing, product packaging, and more—we’ll help you keep your brand consistent & engaging.

id blog

Why storytelling matters in modern branding

What comes to mind when you think of branding? A logo? A sign or brochure? Having consistent fonts, colors, and graphics? While these elements play an important role in branding your corporate identity, successful branding for today’s market requires a comprehensive strategy for forging a…


Spotlight On: Koolbridge Solar, Inc. Innovative trade show exhibit showcases groundbreaking technology

Chances are, you don’t give a lot of thought to the breaker box in your home. Tucked away in an inconspicuous part of the house, they don’t often inspire excitement—unless, that is, you’ve experienced Koolbridge Solar, Inc.’s trade show exhibit. With an engaging 3-D display…


Spotlight On: PECO Hands-on 3-D displays spark a new conversation about energy efficiency

We all know that LED lights are more energy efficient than standard light bulbs—but by how much? And better yet, what does that actually feel like? Thanks to the interactive 3-D displays and games created by Illustrated Designs, Inc., PECO customers can experience firsthand the…

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