Bringing Content to Life with Images

When it comes to getting your message across, the right copy is essential—but is it enough? With as much as 93% of all human communication being visual, the best marketing marries strong copy with high quality photo and graphic content for an engaging and memorable impact.

The power of images

human-brainWhy does that matter in marketing? When we understand meaning via images faster than we can form conscious thoughts, that understanding happens at an emotional level. And there’s something else that often happens at an emotional level: purchasing decisions. The field of neuromarketing tells us that 90-95% of purchasing decisions are made on the subconscious, emotional level—tapping into that level with the power of images is a scientifically sound marketing decision.

Beyond immediacy and power of impact, images also make a message more memorable. Research suggests that after 72 hours we only remember 10% of the information we hear, but that number jumps to 65% if the words are paired with an effective image.

An image-dominant culture

While images have always wielded power, their relevance and degree of impact is at its greatest with the younger generation of consumers. Millennials are image-oriented in general, but especially so in their approach to purchasing decisions, as authentic images help them connect with products on a personal level, building brand recognition and loyalty.

Images help the modern consumer see not only how a product works, but how it might look and feel if they were using the product. The language of images is one in which they are fluent and at ease; far from being a distraction from the message, images become the message, and a compelling one at that.

Images in marketing

Think of the last catalog you paged through—what did your eye scan the pages for first? When you stopped to pay attention to something, what was it that stopped you?

Chances are, it was a photo. A dynamic photo that gave the image a sense of motion. An engaging photo that evoked emotion. A relatable photo that opened the door for you to imagine yourself using that product.

A photo that served as your entry point to the accompanying text and your personal connection to a product you are now one step closer to purchasing.

This is the power of images, and successful marketing will capitalize on it to bring their content to life.


Illustrated Designs, Inc. has been at the forefront of the marketing industry for 30+ years. From design to execution, their innovative design team develops catalogs, event décor, printed materials, 3-D displays, and more.


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