catalog design

50%. That’s how many Americans make purchases based on catalogs they receive. That’s a lot of prospective customers—and a lot of catalogs. What will you do to ensure yours stands out from the crowd?


Illustrated Designs, Inc. specializes in designing catalogs that engage customers, and drive direct, online, and in-store sales. With eye-catching photographs, compelling descriptions, and strategic layout, your catalog becomes a powerful marketing tool and a vital part of your overall marketing strategy.


Our creative design team knows how to take your catalog from concept to print. We start by listening to you, to get a clear understanding of your vision, and then we employ the expertise we’ve acquired over 45 years of experience to bring that vision to life: expertise in product description, photography, lighting, and layout.


When it comes to catalog design, every step of the process is important and interconnected, so we offer the complete package, from concept, to photo shoot, to print. The end result is a catalog that makes it easy for prospective customers to see themselves purchasing and using your products.


Call us today to talk about bringing your products to life with a perfectly designed catalog.

At Illustrated Designs, Inc., we believe in good design. View The Power of print in the Experiential Age to learn more!

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