Team Spotlight: Event Marketing Strategist Michelle

In an increasingly digital world, there’s one area of marketing that stands out for its ability to bring businesses and customers face to face, and that person-to-person connection is the very thing that drew Event Marketing Strategist Michelle to the world of events and trade shows.

Michelle has loved event planning for as long as she can remember and has been involved with it since high school. Her career officially began in wedding planning, but after earning her degree in Commercial Tourism with a focus on Event Planning from Penn State in 2010, Michelle moved on to event marketing for nationwide business to business events.

It was this experience that led Michelle to discover the deeper potential of events and trade shows for growing brand awareness and loyalty, and to develop her “six stages of event marketing.”

Six stages to success

Michelle now provides event marketing services with Illustrated Designs, Inc., helping event exhibitors and sponsors convert their event marketing spend into a sound ROI. A natural fit for Illustrated Designs, Inc.’s leadership as event décor experts, Michelle brings her six stages of event management to clients to help them maximize and measure their event success.

Michelle’s signature six stages of event marketing encompass strategy, logistics, networking/outreach, nurturing, sales, and metrics. Together, they create a system to raise awareness and interest before events, maximize impact at the event itself, nurture connections post-event, and accurately measure results as well as ROI.

Maximizing event impact

One of Michelle’s favorite projects with Illustrated Designs involved working with a client who had been sponsoring the same industry event for several years, but without a pre-event or post-event strategy.

Michelle started by helping them generate interest before the event with targeted speaking engagements and publicity strategies. “In the days leading up to the event the client spoke eight times, facilitated three workshops, hosted two book readings and two online webinars, participated in a panel discussion, and sponsored two receptions – all tied in to the content he was presenting at the conference,” she explained.

The strategy paid off. “Even before the event we made significant progress and streamlined processes,” Michelle said. “And by putting more thought into strategy, planning, and follow up, the client not only gained more value from the event itself, but now had a way to track its effectiveness in driving direct and indirect sales.”

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