How to Connect with Your Audience Using 2019’s Top Website Trends

As the hub of your online presence, your website is a vital element in your marketing strategy, and a comprehensive multi-channel marketing approach will seek to drive customers to your website as another touchpoint in the customer journey.

While trends can be fleeting in nature, having a grasp of the most essential and compelling trends in website design and content can help you make judicious use of them to further connect with your audience. The top website trends for 2019 fall into three basic categories:

Visual Appeal & Sensory Experience

2019 is the year of color, movement, depth, and hyper-reality. Topping Designmodo’s list of 17 Web Design and UI Trends for 2019 are vibrant color palettes, whose popularity is evident even in the choice of bright Living Coral as the Pantone color of the year. On trend websites are increasingly incorporating elements like:

  • Vibrant colors and ranges of hues used as overlays and gradients.
  • Virtual reality inspired 3-D elements whose depth and hyper-real look creates a tactile feel, giving the viewer the impression they can almost reach out and touch or step into the design.
  • Strategic animation that serves a specific purpose in brand and product storytelling so that it functions as a driver, moving viewers through a process of discovery, engagement, and purchase.
  • Infographics and other elements that take information from the realm of the abstract into the realm of the tangible through data visualization.

The emphasis on graphic engagement has also given rise to a resurgence in the use of vintage typography including serif fonts. Citing examples like MailChimp’s switch to Cooper Black typeface, Webflow’s blog on design trends  points out that “2019 might be putting its quirkier, more nostalgic foot forward — at least in the headlines” with a nod to old school fonts.

Emotional Connection

While the importance of forging an emotional connection with your audience has been gaining ground for some time, Designmodo predicts that 2019 will be the year it becomes indispensable: “In 2019, websites and apps that don’t establish this emotional connection will get lost.”

The blog points out four main categories of emotion—joy and sadness, trust and disgust, fear and anger, and surprise and anticipation—and advises figuring out which category your content mainly falls into so that you can design the elements of your website to connect with views on that level.

Another mainstay of emotional connection is writing for the user experience, or UX. The goal here is on carefully honed and edited copy in which every word and sentence serves the purpose of engaging the reader and nurturing their connection to your product or service.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Many of the trending updates in website format are designed to promote a more seamless user experience across devices, with a special emphasis on mobile viewing. According to Google’s consumer insights, people have twice as many interactions with brands on their mobile devices than they do anywhere else, so it makes sense for 2019’s website trends to include features like:

  • Single page design with unique scrolling features that make it easier for mobile users to immerse themselves in the experience of your website without having to navigate through a menu.
  • Split screen design that shows as side by side dual panels on a desktop but breaks up into consecutive vertical panels that can be scrolled through with ease on a mobile device.

While these trends have come to the fore in 2019, the increasing usage of mobile devices and prioritization of connection and engagement will guide trends well into the future, making it more and more essential for organizations to strategically incorporate them into their website design.


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