Three Tips for Leveraging 3D Displays To Make Your Next Event Instagram-Worthy

With a billion active monthly users, 60% of whom log in daily, Instagram’s impact continues to grow, and with it the necessity of incorporating this crucial social media platform into today’s multi-channel marketing strategies.

The power of Instagram as a marketing tool is no secret—90% of the top 100 brands in the world have Instagram accounts—but how do you leverage this cultural phenomenon to connect people with your brand?

One of the easiest and most effective ways is to create photo ops with 3D displays at your next event or trade show. Here are three tips for leveraging 3D displays to make your brand Instagram-worthy:

1. Use 3D displays to heighten visual appeal.

One of the most Instagrammed exhibits in the world is the Museum of Ice Cream in the U.S. With well over 125K hashtagged posts, the museum has mastered the art of using 3D displays to engage visitors. People flock to take selfies at a rainbow sprinkle pool, or snap the perfect pic in front of larger than life cherries and bananas. For your next trade show or event, think of 3D displays as a way to draw visitors to your booth and guide them through a journey where they connect with your brand by becoming part of it, posing and posting at each Instagram- friendly display.

2. Use 3D displays to encourage interaction.

The world of museums sets an example here as well. Formerly places with strict “no photography” policies, museums have breathed new life into exhibits by posting “Photography Encouraged” signs and hosting “selfie-friendly” shows. At one museum, people participated in modern artist Gerhard Richter’s exhibit by literally immersing themselves in the art, wearing clothes that matched the displays and posting photos on Instagram using the artist’s trademark blurred style. Brands can gain the same level of interest and engagement by using 3D props that encourage interaction. Besides giving people something exciting to pose with for an Instagram pic, 3D displays turn visitors into participants, creating a dynamic connection with your brand.

3. Use 3D displays to draw a greater audience.

A full 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand on the platform, and at least 30% have purchased products or services they discovered on the Gram. Your brand’s visibility and market reach expand with every hashtagged photo—so give visitors to your booth or exhibit something to post about! Leveraging 3D displays to create Insta-friendly photo ops effectively makes your visitors your marketers, giving you the potential to draw in an audience that may not have otherwise been interested in your brand.

Today’s consumers value being part of a story they can interact with, be entertained by, and share with others. As the perfect platform for this kind of visual storytelling, Instagram has enormous marketing potential for brands looking to connect with a growing audience of engaged customers. Making 3D props a centerpiece of your next event or trade show opens your brand to a world of hashtagged photos and product-centric selfies, and a previously untapped source of prospective followers ready to become customers.

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