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ID-new-logo-color-thumbIf you’ve ever reconnected with an old friend, you know the feeling: There are new things to appreciate about each other—maybe your friend got married, or had a child, or changed careers, or traveled, or went back to school to become what she always wanted to become. But underneath all the newness lies that solid bedrock of the relationship you’ve built over the years, so really, you get the best of both worlds: something exciting from someone you already know and trust.

At Illustrated Designs, Inc., we are thrilled to announce that some wonderful new things are happening. We’ve teamed up with Ironistic to launch a brand new website to showcase who we are as a company, and what we can do for our clients. We invite you to browse the new site, and explore the ways our professional graphic design team can bring your vision to life.

One of the features of our new site is this blog. Here, you’ll find helpful tips on graphic design and how to make the best use of your partnership with your graphic designer, but you’ll also find an invitation. We see our blog not as a lecture, but as a conversation that can spark an exchange of ideas. We want you to tell us what you think, and to offer your opinions, because we believe that’s how creativity thrives.

Creativity is key to a graphic design company, but it’s only half of what’s needed. The other half of the equation is what you’ll find underneath our new website and our new blog: a foundation of experience and expertise carefully forged over the past 45 years. What you’ll find is that trusted relationship with a partner who can reach for the future because we’re rooted in tradition.

We hope you’ll come along as we continue to grow in realizing our vision. Connect with us. Reconnect with us. Drop us a line and join the conversation. This is our place to meet and dream together, so stop by, pull up a chair, and tell us what we can help you create today!

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