Collateral Marketing
About This Project

Penn’s Trail Environmental, LLC is an Environmental Consulting Firm offering professional expertise in the fields of soils, geology, wetlands, water resources, and ecological concerns. This company was formed by a group of highly qualified professionals with a broad range of environmental specialties. These dedicated professionals are committed to property owners and purchasers who seek to use their property in an environmentally friendly, law-abiding way in the following states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.


Along with a new logo, we designed a double-sided mailer for a new department of Penn’s Trail Environmental. The goal of the mailer is to promote this new department’s lab services related to soil testing. Our first step in the design process was to gather information about PTE Labs. This step allowed us to provide informed suggestions as we helped them organize their thoughts and simplify their message for the mailer. Then, we used the icons from the newly designed logo to describe the variety of issues and clients their lab can assist with. The consistent look of the logo and mailer will help create a familiar brand for their client base.