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Koolbridge Solar 3-D Trade show booth

During the recent Koolbridge Solar Shareholder meeting held this past March 29 in Raleigh, the Chairman, Stephen Burnett, mentioned “our booth was considered by many to be one of the best and most effective designs at the 2017 Solar Power International Show in Las Vegas”.


Illustrated Designs, Inc. designed, built and programmed the Koolbridge trade show booth exhibit. The 3-D display home walks guests through the process of how the Smart Load Center™ integrates solar energy into homes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Through a series of lights, you can follow what happens in 3 power scenarios:
  1. Sunny day
  2. Cloudy day
  3. A power outage with no sun
The Smart Load Center™ is a solar / utility energy breaker box or panel box that can automatically select the use of electrical power from the utility grid, solar panels, batteries, generator and even wind power. The automatic selection of power sources uses a microcontroller to activate the dynamic switching of each breaker circuit based on the availability of utility and solar power; preset user priorities, battery charge status, time of day, instantaneous consumption, historical consumption patterns and weather conditions.
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