Spotlight On: Koolbridge Solar, Inc. Innovative trade show exhibit showcases groundbreaking technology

Chances are, you don’t give a lot of thought to the breaker box in your home. Tucked away in an inconspicuous part of the house, they don’t often inspire excitement—unless, that is, you’ve experienced Koolbridge Solar, Inc.’s trade show exhibit.

With an engaging 3-D display custom made by Illustrated Designs, Inc., Koolbridge’s exhibit showcases the company’s groundbreaking Smart Load Center™, a triumph of technology that integrates solar and electrical energy for efficient and cost-effective home use.

Shining a Light on Solar Integration

The Smart Load Center represents the vision of Koolbridge’s founder, Dr. Paul Dent. Ranked as the number one inventor in the world in wireless technology, Dr. Dent holds 350+ U.S. patents and 1,000+ international patents. His desire to create a system to integrate solar with electrical energy for maximum efficiency in home energy usage has led to the transformation of the traditional breaker box.

L to R: The Koolbridge Solar Team, Larry Zirbel, Director, Co-Founder, Dr. Paul Dent, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Bill Griffin, President & COO, Chris Tridico, Chief Product Advisor, Bob Belts, Chief Financial Officer, Stephen Burnett, Chairman, Co-Founder & CEO

With the Smart Load Center, the traditional breaker box is reimagined into a next generation energy management solution that seamlessly integrates solar and grid-based electricity, distributing the flow of both energy sources on a circuit by circuit basis through the home.

Koolbridge commissioned Illustrated Designs, Inc. to create an exhibit for trade shows that would not only educate visitors, but engage them in the conversation about efficient and cost-effective energy usage. The result is a display that matches Koolbridge’s visionary imagination and technological innovation.

Technology Meets Imagination

The Smart Load Center is the first technology of its kind; to communicate its unique and groundbreaking properties at trade shows, Illustrated Designs, Inc. designed, built, and programmed a 3-D display home. Fitted with a series of lights, the display walks visitors through the process the Smart Load Center uses to integrate solar and electrical grid-based energy and manage its flow throughout your home.

The display is designed to simulate the Smart Load Center’s ability to seamlessly manage energy flow without interruption in three different situations:  a sunny day, a cloudy day, and power outage event without sun. Visitors to Koolbridge’s booth find themselves drawn in by the engaging demonstration of the company’s commitment to marrying energy and cost efficiency for consumer and environmental benefit in a wide range of circumstances.

Illustrated Designs, Inc. designed, built, and programmed a 3-D display home to demonstrate the Smart Load Center’s ability to seamlessly integrate and manage the flow of solar energy and grid-based electricity throughout a home, even in the event of a power outage.

Designing Impact

Thanks to Illustrated Designs, Inc.’s innovative approach to designing and creating an exhibit as experiential as it is informative, visitors are getting an inside look at Koolbridge’s pioneering work—and it’s creating considerable impact. Chairman Stephen Burnett, speaking at the March 29 Koolbridge Solar Shareholder meeting in Raleigh, NC, noted, “Our booth was considered by many to be one of the best and most effective designs at the 2017 Solar Power International Show in Las Vegas.”

With a collaborative partnership built on innovation and vision, Koolbridge and Illustrated Designs, Inc. are committed to creating trade show experiences as relevant and forward thinking as the products they showcase.

Illustrated Designs, Inc.’s custom made display contributed to an engaging trade show exhibit lauded as one of the most effective designs at the 2017 Solar Power International Show in Las Vegas.

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