Graphic Designer

With an eye for simplicity in design and a love for seeing people’s vision come to life, Illustrated Designs, Inc.’s newest team member brings her own creative expression to the company’s talented design team.

Graphic designer Stephanie Wyse has been working with Illustrated Designs for about a year now. With 18 years of experience in the field, Stephanie creates visual artwork including logos, fliers, and website graphics.

A balanced approach

Stephanie’s expertise enables her to approach design with a seasoned combination of creativity and practicality. For her current project developing a logo for an environmental company, Stephanie conducted research to determine the types of images associated with the industry, working to incorporate the feeling of those images into the new logo so it would serve as a visual cue for the company’s prospective clients.

Since the logo is for a new subdivision, Stephanie is also looking forward to developing new marketing materials for the company. “It’s fun to create branding for a company that hasn’t focused on that aspect of marketing in the past,” she says.

Less is more

Stephanie started college as a math major, then switched to communications.  But an early love for design that first made its appearance in the custom mixed-tape covers she created by cutting up magazines eventually made its way to the surface, and she earned her BA in Communications with a Corporate Communications/Graphic Design concentration and a minor in Mathematics from Elizabethtown College.

In her career as a graphic designer, Stephanie delights in taking ideas from imagination to reality. She also enjoys the order and calming elegance of simplicity in design, working with clients to help them refine their logos, graphics, and other images so that the message has the space it needs to stand out in a visually appealing way.

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