Three steps to using props to revolutionize your product displays

When it comes to visual merchandising at events, tradeshows, and in retail settings, not all product displays are created equal. With an increasing emphasis on experience, interaction, and personalization, establishing strong and lasting connections with your target audience requires a marketing strategy that touches every aspect of customer experience, including how they view your products.

Whether in a store or in a booth at a show or event, the use of props for product displays can supercharge your appeal and sales potential. Here are three steps to using props to revolutionize your product displays:

Create an experience

Incorporating props is a great way to create a complete experience, but keep in mind that experiences aren’t just visual. People have five senses, and the closer you can get to appealing to all of them, the greater the impact your display will have. An article in the Harvard Business Review touts the emerging importance of sensory marketing that incorporates not just sight, but sound, smell, touch, and even taste: “Every consumer company should be thinking about design in a holistic way, using the senses to help create and intensify brand personalities that consumers will cherish and remember.”

Invite interaction

In addition to being immersive, your retail or tradeshow presence also needs to be inviting. One way to use props to invite interaction is to provide visitors with a focal point that immediately catches their attention. Props are an effective way to create a center of interest so your consumers know where to look first.

Incorporating a feature element like a point of purchase display or an interactive station gives visitors to your store or booth an easy entry point to a path that leads to purchasing. According to the balance, creating focal points or “hotspots” that strategically highlight your products can increase sales by 229 percent.

Build a story, build connection

Using props to position and highlight your products is part of creating your brand’s story—a story that, if told well, generates an emotional connection to consumers. Props like photo ops can add to that story as visitors to your booth or store take pictures of themselves interacting with your brand, and the story continues when they share those pictures on social media.

The use of props allows you to include your brand at all levels, bringing it to life through displays that tie into and support your brand story. By creating an immersive experience that draws customers into your world and shows them how they can be a part of it, businesses can build lasting connections that result in sustained sales growth.



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