Team Spotlight: Senior Graphic Designer Jay

Jay, Senior Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer

With 25 years of experience and a “less is more” aesthetic, Graphic Designer Jay’s work is guided by a passion for simplicity and elegance.

Jay was drawn to the world of graphic design early on. “It was always something I had a talent for,” he says, “plus, it got me out of a Pre-Med program.”

Medicine’s loss was design’s gain as Jay earned his BFA in Illustration from the Otis Art Institute of Parson’s School of Design. He joined the Illustrated Designs, Inc. team in 2014, bringing his expertise and leadership to all design-related projects, from catalogs and themed trade-show booths to logos, branding, banners, and more.

Take (at least) one thing off

“Before you leave the house,” Coco Chanel famously advised, “look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Jay’s approach to design follows a similar thought-process. Inspired by elegance and simplicity in shapes and words, his eye for visual editing results in designs that are all the more impactful for their clarity. “It’s about being able to pare down all the noise that comes with amateur starts,” says Jay, “and create something clean and to the point.”

The art and science of design

One of Jay’s favorite projects with Illustrated Designs, Inc. involved as much science as art. When Avon commissioned the company to design and fabricate larger than life replicas of their products for a 2017 RepFest in Nashville, Jay was challenged to create oversized labels for the giant tubs of face cream.

“It involved a lot of math trying to make the type look straight on a curved surface,” says Jay. “I had to define each line as a section of a variable cone.”

Jay found the project particularly rewarding because it required a broad skill set to execute flawlessly. “Most of the time it’s about making something look good. This was about making something look right!”

Sound Bite

What’s one tip you have for businesses developing catalogs, planning themed events, or utilizing 3-D displays?

“Always ask yourself ‘why am I doing it this way?’ You should always have a success-focused reason for your design choices.”  — Jay Scheuerle, Graphic Designer


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