Team Spotlight: Writer & Content Developer Marissa

The power of words is something that has inspired Illustrated Designs Inc.’s writer and content developer, Marissa, since childhood.

“I still remember getting my first library card,” she says. “That sense of magic and adventure has stayed with me ever since.”

A writer whose background includes 17 years of teaching experience and a decade of working with student journalists, Marissa has been Illustrated Designs’ copywriter for nearly three years. She develops and edits blog posts and website content, and works on client projects that require narrative elements.

It’s all about the story

“A good story,” says Marissa, “is one you can get lost in. But a great story is one you can find yourself in.” Storytelling is at the heart of writing for Marissa, whether it’s a blog post, a website page, or a client project. Her goal is to “bring the brand or idea to life in a way that is authentic and connects with the reader.”

Some of Marissa’s favorite projects have included writing the spotlights for featured clients. “I really love writing that allows me to immerse myself in the client’s world,” she says, “whether that world is a museum teaching kids about cars using the 3-D car with interactive parts Illustrated Designs custom-made for them, or the world of trade show themes Illustrated Designs creates to craft an unforgettable experience for their clients’ attendees.”

The art and science of writing …

According to Marissa, writing is both an art and a science. “Every format has its own best practices, and a good copywriter will know them and be strategic in employing them,” she says, “but there’s a part of writing that has nothing to do with rules. There’s a part of writing that’s just about being quiet and connecting intuitively with the power of words to shape meaning.”

Marissa takes this approach with all of her projects, and loves seeing how the result captures the client’s unique identity. She saw this in a special way while working on the narrative around Illustrated Designs’ 50th anniversary.

“This was such an important milestone,” she said, “ and I really wanted the emotion behind it to come through with the facts—I wanted people to feel the history, the pride, the passion for good design, the love of family, the dedication to clients, the excitement for what’s next—I wanted people to not just have the chronology of the past 50 years, but the experience of it.”

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